Learning WordPress

1 on 1 Complete WordPress Web Design Course
incl. domain and hosting, database and email setup, FTP setup, installing WP, adding Theme / plugins, designing site, maintaining / promoting site.

WordPress is the extremely popular platform that is used for 36.1% of ALL websites [ source ]

de Paulus offers this 1 on 1 Complete WordPress Web Design Course. This course is in person, not online or over the phone. The course can be done at your home or at my office.
The course consists of 10 topics, each lasting a minimum of an hour each, that can be arranged to fit your schedule. This is NOT a rush course, and after this course you will certainly be able to design websites using WordPress

0] – FREE Consult – Choosing your hosting and domain needs

1] – database and email setup
– FTP setup

2] – Uploading WordPress
– Activating WordPress
– Adding and Changing WP Theme
– Adding “must have” Plugins

3] – Explaining “Pages” / “Posts” / “Categories” etc.
– Creating Categories, changing the Permalink structure, and designating the Home Page and Blog Page
– Creating full Page Structure [ for example Home – About – Prices – Contact etc. ]
– Creating a “Contact Us” form
– Making minor changes to the Theme [ for example the Color, font type / size etc ]

4] – Focus solely on the “Home Page” layout

5] – Focus on remaining “Pages”

6] – Focus on “Posts” [ why, where and when to use posts over pages or vice versa ]

7] – Complete Search Engine Optimization of the site

8] – Preparing you to “Problem Solve” most issues that will hopefully never happen [ for example .maintenance jam, plugin issues etc..

9] – Getting the most out of your site using Social Media AND ways to make money from your site [ for example Google, Amazon etc. ]

10] –  Answering / Explaining all un-answered questions.

The price of this course is just 800 Euro, considering most website developers [ incl. myself ] charge a lot more to design a website, this is an excellent deal. Learn how to design while designing your own site… and possibly others in the future.