Dordogne Design SEO

de Paulus is pleased to announce that we have just lauched 3 new Pay Per Result (PPR) packages.
This means that if de Paulus designs your website, you can make use of PPR, which means you only pay if your site reaches the agreed result… here’s an example of how it works…

You tell us what keyword(s) you would like your site to be high on the search rankings, and de Paulus will use 100% ethical seo methods to get your site on the top pages, and the good news is, if we don’t get you the agreed results, you don’t pay anything… that’s correct, you only pay if we reach the agreed result.

We offer 3 PPR packages, that work as followed:

Package #1 €500,- we will get your site listed on page 1 – 4 … this means that as soon as your site reaches at least page 4, we have reached our agreed result and you then pay us our fee.

Package #2 €900,- choose this package and only pay us once we get your site listed on page 1 or 2 of Google ( or any other Search Engine of choice)

Package #3 €1500,- No guarantees we can do it, but you only pay us if we get your site listed on the first page of your choice of search engine using your choice of keywords.

We do not make any promises we cannot keep, but at least you get to keep your money until we deliver the results.

The above prices do not include the actual designing of the website